Dashboard Users Insights


Create a dashboard that shows customers which insights Sentiance (a startup that turns IOT sensor-data into contextual insights) can get from data. This will make it easier for potential customers to see what Sentiance can do for them. Also show the fact that privacy of users is respected at all time.


Showcasing a lot of data in a way that’s clear, understandable and still pleasant for the viewer to experience.


A dashboard with 2 different views. You start at the “all users” view and when you clicked on 1 specific user you would go to the “single user” view, which showed specific information about that user. After we delivered the product, I improved the dashboard in my spare time. I found a solution that would make those 2 views more integrated with each other. This way the user of this dashboard would stay in one complete experience while navigating through it. (Scroll down to see more on that)

My Role

My colleague and I designed a bright version of the dashboard together. This was used as a final product. Afterwards, in my spare time I designed a next version of it (what is shown on this page), which included a dark theme and UX improvements.



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Only detailed when necessary

Parameters are only shown at focus

Arrange to importance & maintain consistency

User Group View

Single User View