Smart Office Dashboard


Create a concept that demonstrates what our client’s IoT products in combination with Sentiance technology can do for large office buildings.


We had 1 week for this project, so time was quite a challenge. Besides that, the most challenging part of this project combining the right data points and technological possibilities to create the most helpful insights. In other words: Which data do we have? Which insights could we get from that? And how would those insights help offices & the people in it?


A dashboard that gives a live and historical insight into -1- how people use a space (density, preferences, flows, etc.) and -2- the condition (brightness, temperature, occupancy, etc.) of a space. These insights enable a company to detect abnormalities, discover bottlenecks, get the best use out of space, and optimize user experience inside the office.

My Role

For the overall concept and architecture, I worked together with the VP Product of our company. After that, I created the UI.



?  More detailed information about this project will come soon. ?