Create a tool for EY Tax consultants, to assist them in explaining the multiple advantages that a client’s company can derive from the innovation deduction.


Finding the most optimal way to visualize the “story” to the end-user. This included the clear structuring of information and an easy way to compare different “storylines”. Making sure that a very complex story is correctly understood by the product team, was a nice challenge as well.


A web app in which a user (EY employee) can, together with her/his client, fill in a flexible form. Ones this is done, an interactive graph area appears. This area visualizes the calculations for the different deduction types. The graph can be adjusted where necessary. Ones the meeting is finished, an export of the calculations can be sent directly to the client.

My Role

As project lead, I took care of planning, communication, and making sure everyone got what (s)he needed to reach their (and our) deadline. Therefore I worked closely together with the client and developers. Besides being responsible for leading the project, I also took care of the UX and UI.


2018 – 2019


User interviews

The great thing about working with a client who is also the user is that you have direct access to the user’s mind. This gave us the opportunity for many user interviews in several stages of the project.

  • The exact problem
  • User needs
  • Feedback on possible solutions
  • Testing wireframes

User Scenarios

By creating User Scenarios we discovered the following attention points:

  • This application needed to use client/company data. Company security protocols obliged us to make sure that this application could only be entered via the company’s secure VPN. This meant that the user needed to use her/his company laptop.
  • The user and her/his client had a need for a summary report after the meeting. There are multiple ways to do this. For the first stage (MVP) we decided to create an export button. The user could use this to download the report as a PDF and mail that to the client. Or use it to print it at the client’s office. We thought about creating an option to automatically mail the report to the client, without downloading it first, but since this was an MVP and we wanted to start using it ASAP, we decided to wait with that for the next version.
  • The user’s client could easily be overwhelmed by the about of information.


Featured in EY’s Impulse Magazine

In this article, Pieter Van Den Berghe (At that moment Director of EY Tax Consultants) and I talk about how we created the tool and the importance of it.

“Just casually place your hand on the table.”     #nailedIt! ?

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