Website Sentiance


Design an entire new company-website for Sentiance, a startup that turns IOT sensor-data into behavioral insights.


1) A very tight deadline of 2 months, to launch in time for an important conference. 2) Explaining an amazing, but complex relatively new technology, to the user. 3) Collaborating with lots of people that had different professions, languages, timezones, opinions, etc.


A website designed from scratch, which includes 11 different page-types, introduction-video, and several custom-made illustrations, all within 2 months.

My Role

As a design lead of this project, I worked closely with the CEO, President, and Chief Global Business Development to start and finish the development of the website within 2 months. On every step in the process, I aligned with developers and managed an external animation agency and an assistant junior graphic designer.



?  More detailed information about this project will come soon. ?